Operation Christmas Child

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October is almost over, and we’re entering the season of giving! Our church is doing a couple of great giving opportunities, and I was excited to grab two Operation Christmas Child boxes, as well as a few bags for hygiene kits for a local organization.

Operation Christmas Child - How and What to fill each box from Amazon!

Now, it has been a few years since I have participated in Operation Christmas Child, and the boxes were pretty vague on what to put in there. Especially since the hygiene kits had a very specific list. So where to begin?

Now as I started searching online, there were lots of great lists. But a lot of this involves shopping in-stores, which y’all know I hate! So i rounded up a list of 10 items in each age group that can be found on AMAZON! Woo hoo! My Amazon-loving heart loved putting this list together, and now I’m planning on grabbing a few more boxes to fill next Sunday.

(P.S. I kept finding articles that mentioned how much thee kids loved stuffed animals. I see that! B is obsessed with hers. So I found some great ones on Amazon here, and we’re definitely including one in ours, at least for the lower two age-groups).

Any Age Group

Girl Age 2-4

Boy Age 2-4

Girl 5-9

Boy 5-9

Girl 10-14

Boy 10-14

Any other great items you like adding? Or any other great causes to give to? Can’t wait to hear!