How to Use Your Plum Paper Planner for the Most Productive Month Ever

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You already know how much I love my Plum Paper Planner and Google Keep, but what I may not have shared is how it has helped me reach so many goals. As a mom, wife, professor, real estate investor, and now blogger, I have a lot of goals. I need something to hold me accountable for not just my to-do list, but also my goals!

How I use my planner to for the most productive week ever! All working moms, girl bosses, and go-getters need these tips and life-hacks.

1. Outline Big Events

Big events are the things that throw of my schedule more than anything. Just when I’ve been meal prepping and reaching my goals, we go out of town for the weekend and it takes me two weeks to get back on track.

When I can plan for those events, I can stay on track for either my goals or just daily life. This also keeps me aware of big events at work. Whether it is grading or speaking to a group, I like to think about it for a week and mentally prepare or get other things off of my to-do list. Again, the more I can prepare, the easier the transition from the extraordinary.

2. What do you want to accomplish?

What are your goals? Long-term, short-term, any of them. If you aren’t working on them every day, you will likely fall short at the end of the year. If I know that I want to grow my blog views and social media following, it is something I need to dedicate some significant time to.

One of the hardest things I have struggled with since starting the blog is taking 2-3 hours to write each post. The post that were created in an hour or less stand out because of their lesser quality. This blog is a big goal of mine, so I’m taking the time to dedicate time each week to accomplish those goals.

These goals are actually the first thing we should be scheduling each month!

3. Meal Plan

I still have an entire post coming to meal planning/prepping for people who hate to meal plan, but if I can roughly schedule out the month, I can do one big Sam’s Club trip, and follow up with smaller trips after church. It really has made life so much easier.

I typically repeat my meal plan every two weeks, and because I have a toddler and am married to someone who eats like a toddler, we very rarely try new recipes. So it works for us!

4. What Items Do You Want to Mark Off Your Master To-Do List?

I use Google Keep to write down pretty much anything I need to do in the next, well, lifetime. Some of these are things that can be done this month, others are my year-end taxes, but anything I don’t want to forget.

At the beginning of each month, I look at my Google Keep to see what needs to be done this month, and what things I should add to my planner to make life just a little easier.

Even things like Christmas shopping or gifts for others, I keep those on here just so I don’t forget and helps me to be intentional. Speaking of…

Here’s what’s on my current wish list!

5. Be Intentional

I spend a lot of time reflecting on what my best-self looks like. Spending time with Jordo and B are a big part of that, as is growing some of my side gigs. Your planner can literally be used to design the life you aspire to live.

In a perfect world, work-life balance would be so simple, but it isn’t. I like to see how I can arrange my day to better make it work, and so far, it is working!

What are your best hacks for using your planner? How do you increase productivity?