Disney Vacation Stocking Stuffers

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Keeping on trend with “memories over mansions,” we jumped at the chance to take B to Disney World this year. She’s 1. She won’t remember it. But we’re pumped.

Disney World Vacation Stocking Stuffers. Great Christmas gifts for the Disney lover or if you're planning a Disney vacation!

This is our family Christmas present. Jordan and I both typically buy the things we really want ourselves, so this works so much better for us! Jordan has never been to Disney World so he’s pretty pumped about this!

Now if B was older, these fun stocking stuffers would be a great way to tell her we were going. But again, she’s 1 and this trip is totally for the parents! Ha! So here are some great stocking stuffers for a Disney Vacation!

  1. Micky (or Minnie!) ears! You can’t beat this two-pack for $10!
  2. Micky and Minnie ponchos – Rain is likely in the forecast, so grab these before you get there!
  3. Disney band-aids – Blisters are a real possibility, so grab some with their favorite character!
  4. Sunglasses – And maybe a backup pair… but these are just too cute!
  5. Disney shirts – Or pajamas. Or anything for them to wear!
  6. Lip balm – I’ve always loved lip balm in my stocking! Even as an adult 😉
  7. Brush and Comb – B is going to LOVE this!
  8. Autograph book – I still have mine from Disney World and Land!
  9. Autograph pen – What’s better than a few special pens to go with your autograph book?
  10. Water bottle – This is perfect to take to refill in the parks!
  11. Apple Watch Mickey Ears – Not for the kids, but I’m totally getting one for our trip!