Gifts that will make an impact long after Christmas

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One of my favorite things is to think about well thought-out gifts. My love language may be giving gifts! So as I sat down to work on gift guides, I cranked out three for girls, kids, and hostesses/small gifts. And they were good, but none of them spoke to the gifts I liked to give.

Six months, or a year later, I want people to still be using that gift. And maybe smile a little because it was such a thoughtful gift. But full disclosure, you can’t go shopping three days before Christmas and grab these (Jordan, I’m looking at you.)

That’s why I wanted to get this out there! So here are the gifts that will last well past the Holidays.

meaningful gifts to last well past the holidays

Luggage – Quality luggage will last a long time. For me this also represents all the memories we’re going to make! I bought Jordan this suitcase for his first fathers day from B and told him it was for all of their adventures. Also, this is a good investment to make with babies when they’re going to just be happy playing with tissue paper, lets be honest here.

Bonus: Luggage organizer. I love this idea if they already have great luggage!

Monogrammed Necklace – Timeless and classy. I’ve given one to my 8-year-old niece, BFFs, and everyone in between. These are less than $15 and the quality is awesome! The turn around time is pretty impressive, but still make sure you order early!

Add-A-Pearl – One of my fondest memories is of my Nana giving me a pearl each Christmas and birthday. I now have a beautiful pearl necklace that I can continue to add to, and we love doing this for B! It was also a great thing when people ask “what do we get her?”

FYI – this is exactly what I’m telling people to get her this year. I was being selfish and thinking that we wanted to fill it, but in 20 years how cool will it be to tell her about all the people that contributed to a gorgeous, real pearl necklace?

50 States Photo Map – When I saw this gift, I instantly had someone in mind. I love that this gives a fun way to document all of the memories. And yes, Jordan, we are indeed taking vacations to all 50 states!

Tumbler/Coffee Mug – Yes, they’re everywhere, but can you have too many? Add a monogram and you’re set! My sister got me one of these last year, and since I use it almost daily, I think of her every time I use it! We did a bunch of RTIC mugs with monograms for teachers at daycare!

Artwork – My mom was so good (and still is!) at getting us artwork for our house. Things we loved that were high-quality and framed beautifully. I love this idea for young adults so they can start to grow their collection and one day have a beautifully decorated house!

Jon Hart Luggage/Barrington – This also goes under the “make an investment in” category, but my pieces have lasted forever, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon!

Photo Books – This is a fun one for family. I’m (trying) to keep these up-to-date with B’s life. I can’t wait to do one from family vacations or school years and give them to grandparents!

Memories/Vacation – I still believe the longest lasting gifts are memories! We’re headed to Disney World in January, so I’m doing a lot of Disney-themed stocking stuffers!

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