How To Paint Toms!

For Christmas, I wanted to get my sister a pair of TOMS, that were custom painted.  I’ve seen some awesome ones that had school stuff on them, but guess how much they were? $130! When just the TOMS were $45. So after I got a confident boost from my Painting With A Twist class (see below), I decided to do it!Me, Chelsea and Courtney


So… here’s how to paint TOMS.

  1. Start with a blank pair. If I would have thought about the colors used, I would have bought a tan-colored pair.
  2. Paint the solid colors.
  3. Start with the designs. I sketched all of mine out on paper and practiced. The best advice: USE PAINT PENS
  4. Finish with any embellishments. I chose to do some rhinestone initials.
  5. Seal the shoes! I used a clear acrylic paint.
  6. Send them off!